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Educating Ireland: Schooling and Social Change 1700–2000

Karin Fischer & Deirdre Raftery (Eds)

This significant study analyses the relationship between education and social change in Ireland from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. The book details how Irish society was critically shaped and re-shaped by the various successes and failures of the education system in Ireland as it gradually developed over the last four hundred years.


Power and Popular Culture in Modern Ireland: Essays in Honour of James S. Donnelly, Jr.

Michael De Nie & Sean Farrell (Eds)

This book celebrates the life and work of the greatest American historians of Ireland through a collection of dynamic and timely chapters on subjects such as migration, traditional music, religion and famine studies. It features the work of some of the top scholars in the field, including Kerby Miller, Cormac O’Grada, and Tim McMahon. Donnelly’s work has also made a crucial impact on Irish historiography and Irish Studies, and this book reflects that work and continues the tradition.