The Chief Butlers of Ireland and the House of Ormond: A Guide to the Genealogical History

The Chief Butlers of Ireland and the House of Ormond: An Illustrated Genealogical Guide


John Kirwan

May 2018

The first of its kind, historian and genealogist John Kirwan gives a complete history of the Butler family – their lives defined by astounding wealth and their lineage a source of immeasurable interest.

Product Description

This book is a fascinating record of one of the most powerful families in Irish history, who held their seat at Kilkenny Castle for over eight centuries, and how they expanded to new settlements at Clonmel, Cahir, Roscrea, Kilcash, Thurles, and many more. Their lives were defined by an astounding opulence – one twentieth of every tonne of wine that landed in Ireland made its way to the Butler clan, paid for by the Crown.

A truly vital piece of history for anyone with interests in genealogy, ancestry, and the dominant force of lineage from the beginning to end of the second millennia in Ireland. This captivating book contains a riveting account of the honourable Earls of Ormond and their families, lavishly illustrated with a series of their original portraits. It is a masterpiece – a beautifully crafted book containing detailed information and genealogical commentary to help Butler researchers identify the branch and individual from which they descend.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
  3. Methodology
  4. The Lives
  5. Appendix 1
  6. Appendix 2
  7. Appendix 3

About the Author

John Kirwan is a historian, author and consultant archivist. He has had many articles and essays published on Kilkenny history, places and families. Previous works include Kilkenny Families in the Great War, The Reminiscences of Marianne-Caroline Hamilton (1777–1861), Nooks and Corners of The County Kilkenny, and Statistical Observations Relative to The County of Kilkenny Made in the years 1801–2.

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Dimensions 235 x 175 cm

John Kirwan

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May 2018



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Irish Academic Press


290 pp