John Mitchel, Ulster and the Great Irish Famine

John Mitchel, Ulster and the Great Irish Famine


This striking and pioneering collection offers fresh and diverse perspectives on the impact of the Great Famine in Ireland, with particular reference to the experience in the province of Ulster – much neglected in histories, but which prompted the political geography and sectarian divisions that persisted into the twentieth century.

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This important new volume, edited by Patrick Fitzgerald and Anthony Russell, addresses many issues previously under-explored, and delves into the immeasurable impact of starvation, illness, and emigration on Irish society and the diaspora. The use of relatively neglected sources shines a vital new light on the experience of Famine migrants entering British North America; John Mitchel, the international radical and renowned thinker, is similarly examined in both Old and New World environments, providing original insights.

Through history, geography, literary studies, demography, folklore, biography, and local and family studies, the authors address new questions and prompt fresh debates. The Legacy of the Great Irish Famine redefines all notions of this epochal moment in Irish history – a legacy previously unwritten.

Table of Contents

1. The Women of Belfast and the Great Famine ~ Christine Kinealy
2. The Demography of the Famine in Ulster ~ Cormac Ó Gráda
3. The Famine Irish Migration to Canada in 1847–48 ~ Jason King
4. John Mitchel’s Town, its Hinterland and the Great Famine ~ Anthony Russell
5. John Mitchel: Famine, Slavery and Agrarian Politics ~ James Quinn
6. What Can Folklore Tell Us About The Great Famine That Other Documents Cannot? ~
Cathal Póirtéir
7. ‘Remembrances of Love and Duty’: Famine Remittances to Ireland during the 1840s
~ Ciarán Reilly
8. Different Writers, Different Perspectives
8.1 Seven Famines: A Hidden Heritage of Hunger ~ Paddy Fitzgerald
8.2 From a Personal Journey to National Commemoration ~ Michael Blanch
8.3 Mitchel and Slavery: A Biblical Perspective ~ Nigel Agnew
8.4 Newry Workhouse ~ Hugh McShane
8.5 The Irish National Famine Museum: Strokestown Park ~ John O’Driscoll
8.6 An Australian Famine Family ~ Lyn McLeavy

About the Editors

Paddy Fitzgerald teaches postgraduates at the Centre of Migration Studies, Queen’s University Belfast. Previous works include; Migration in Irish History, 1607-2007, international television series The Irish Empire and television documentary On Eagle’s Wing.

Anthony Russell is a retired senior lecturer and current programme leader at Anglia Ruskin University. Previous works include Between Two Flags: John Mitchel and Jenny Verner, Newry Water Ships and Town (Ed), Beyond the Battle South Down and South Armagh 1798, Proud People, and John Mitchel – The Flawed Hero.

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Patrick Fitzgerald & Anthony Russell


Irish Academic Press

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14 August 2017


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