Countdown to Unity: Debating Irish Reunification


Richard Humphreys

The first modern, in-depth and practical legal road map to bring about the unification of the island of Ireland.

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This book explores how the Good Friday Agreement has put in place the broad outline of how a united Ireland might be achieved by consent. The increasing momentum of nationalist politics in Northern Ireland combined with an ever greater sense of self – confidence in nationalist Ireland as a whole creates an environment in which we can begin to think about the practical steps required to bring a united Ireland into being. It examines the legal implications of a united Ireland and sketches out a programme of action to move towards achieving reunification of the island of Ireland in a spirit of reconciliation and peace.

Table of Contents

  1. Unity Denied: 1920-1937
    •  The Treaty Settlement
    • The New Constitutional Order 1932-1937


  2. Towards a Common Understanding of Sharing These Island
    •  Constitutional Consolidation
    • A New Approach to the Totality of Relationships
    • The Groundwork for the Good Friday Agreement


  3. The Good Friday Agreement 1998
    •  Background
    • The Agreement
    • Other Developments Subsequent to 1998


  4. The Agreement as a Roadmap to Reunification
    •  Negotiating Unity
    • The Referendum
    • A New International Agreement


  5. Implementing the Bilateral Treaty Contemplated by the Agreement
    •  Legal Change in the United Kingdom
    • Constitutional and Legal Change in Ireland
    • Ratification


  6. Uniting People as well as Territory
    •  Developing the Agreement’s Institutional Architecture
    • Mechanisms to Ensure Compliance with the Agreement
    • Confidence-building Legal Measures on the British Side
    • Measures to Promote Irish Identity


  7. Confidence-building Measures on the Irish Side
    •  Constitutional Reinvigotation
    • Recognising the British Identity
    • Constitutional Fundamentals


  8. Conclusion

About the Author

Richard Humphreys is a Barrister at Law and a legal advisor to the Labour Party. From 1992-1997 he was the Programme Manager for the Minister for Equality and Law Reform and played a key role in a number of significant legal developments including the Divorce Referendum of 1995 and the enactment of comprehensive equality legislation. Prior to that he lectured at the Faculty of Law, UCD.


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